Welcome to SpeakWiz

SpeakWiz is the next generation search engine that uses in-depth algorithms to gather data which provides better search results. Once the search terms are entered into SpeakWiz, they are analyzed and data is extracted to build the search results list along with an audio description of the website, company, product or service generated from the search query. The 8tech button will play an audio description of the webpage so the internet user can have a better understanding of what the webpage has to offer. To hear the description of the website before clicking on the link, click the 8tech button.

By clicking any of the 8tech buttons, you can hear a description of the webpage if the website owner has set up their webpage with the SDF meta information. If you are a website owner and want your website description set up when your webpage links come up in a search result, go to http://sdf.8globaltech.com to learn more.

An example of the SpeakWiz search engine results with the 8tech button: